Innovation: Triple Pad Technology

Our new and advanced triple layer pad features three layers of protective defense. It starts with our pad, which is up to three times more absorbent than the national brand. The pad’s fast wicking action draws fluid away from the wound to help aid healing. The additional padded protection cushions the area from everyday injury and will not stick to the wound. The second line of defense is an antibacterial agent using benzalkonium chloride, which kills bacteria and helps prevent infection. Finally, the pad is layered with a safeguard non-stick film that does not stick to skin. This perforated polyester layer allows absorption of fluids and prevents damaging new growth when removing. The non-stick film provides an easy, pain-free removal from the skin without interfering with the healing process. Together, these three lines of defense form an antibacterial, hurt-free, flexible bandage with long-lasting performance like no other.

Breathe it in. Extra Strength Nasal Strips

With patented and proven nasal strip designs, ASO ensures you are able to provide your customer with a high-quality nasal strip that provides an instant and drug-free solution for breathing problems caused by congestion and snoring. As a leader in private label innovation, we are always improving our products. We’re pleased to introduce our latest product enhancements, including an advanced, secure-hold adhesive, and exclusively formulated breathable materials. As you have come to expect, our nasal strips still provide excellent value—and now perform even better than ever.

Decorated Bandages

Decorated Bandages – Fun and trendy bandages for all-purpose protection.

ASO’s decorated bandages feature creative and visually bold patterns using licensed and unlicensed designs. Offering the same outstanding protection as our plastic bandages, our decorative bandages are perfect for kids of all ages. All of ASO’s unlicensed designs are created by our own experienced in-house creative team. Angry Birds, one of our recent license acquisitions, has become a popular bandage choice and has proven to be extremely successful for ASO’s retail partners.