Wart and Corn

Corn removers feature an easy one-step design that can safely and effectively remove corns. This clinically proven method consists of salicylic acid to help soften the corn and a bandage designed to stay on all day. The treatment will not only aid in the removal of the corn but it will also relieve pain and protect the corns all day.

Wart Removers are designed to safely and effectively remove Plantar and Common warts. This clinically proven method consists of a salicylic acid disc that softens and destroys the wart tissue, causing the wart to then dissolve or fall off. The treatment is not only effective but also provides an extra cushion pad with an adhesive bandage to provide greater comfort, and maximum protection for the wart.

Both of Aso’s corn and wart removal systems include the maximum allowable OTC strength salicylic acid which is the ingredients pharmacists recommend for treating warts and corn.

Wart Remover

Medicated disks for the removal of common warts. Fast-acting formula patch/pad method covers and removes warts with one-step application. Invisible tape, and protective waterproof cushion works without the mess of liquids and the comfort of the pad conceals the wart. Contains Salicylic acid, 40%.

Corn Remover

Corn Remover

Medicated disk for removal of hard corns. One-step application. Invisible tape and comfort design provide pain relief and immediate cushioning. Heals and relieves pain from hard corns. Contains Salicylic acid, 40%.