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About ASO

阿蘇山, 熊本県, 日本 | Mt. Aso, Kumamoto, Japan


The Full Story

For over 70 years, the ASO Group has been a trusted global leader in the medical device industry, leveraging our core values of integrity and hard work. Our journey started in Japan with manufacturing high quality adhesive bandages and other first aid supplies, but our efforts didn't stop there. We've grown, keeping consumers at heart, and expanded our reach into innovative, elevated self-care products. Our dynamic team operates across the globe from Japan, Philippines, Europe, Mexico, and our vertically integrated facility in Sarasota, Florida USA where we blend tradition with innovation. We are proud of our roots, yet continually strive for growth. At ASO, we foster an environment where employees can thrive and help shape the future of self-care. Together, we make a difference, one product at a time.

North American and Global Manufacturing Sites

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