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From Concept to Consumer

  1. Market Research and Insights

Web Designers

We align with our customers to conduct research, identify market needs, generate ideas, define consumer-oriented features, propose improvements, and new product concepts.

2. Design & Development

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

Our design and development process, guided by product requirements and engineering expertise, focuses on optimizing design, material selection, and performance through prototyping and rigorous testing.

3. Regulatory Compliance


Regulatory expertise includes ensuring compliance with customer requirements, FDA regulations, conducting risk assessments, managing submissions, and maintaining compliance documentation.

4. Manufacturing & Operations


Manufacturing and Operations excel in meeting customized customer needs with rapid response. Integrating in-house adhesive coating, converting, and packaging capabilities, we fulfill production requirements using our internally built and maintained equipment for unparalleled efficiency and quality.

5. Quality Control

Package Delivery

ASO's Quality Policy is to provide quality products on-time that meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements, all applicable regulatory requirements, and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system. 

6. Sales and Marketing


The Sales and Marketing department continuously reviews and guides the development of the self-care products. Our aim is to enhance customer and brand partnerships, and omni-channel market expansion, by understanding and responding to evolving customer needs and preferences. 

7. Creative Services


Our Creative Services Department manages package design, illustrations, and copy development, tailored for private label and branding strategies. Our team expertly crafts compelling visuals and narratives that resonate with target audiences, enhancing brand identity and market presence.

8. Inventory Management


Inventory management ensures smooth material flow, coordinates resources and information, and supports customer inventory management expectations for timely production, distribution, and delivery of our medical devices and self-care products.

9. Distribution

Loading Semitrucks

ASO’s distribution system optimizes the movement of goods, ensuring timely delivery to required destinations while coordinating with customer logistics for streamlined inventory management.

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