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Your Private Brand Partner

Testing and Compliance

ASO ensures the highest safety, efficacy, and quality in our products and materials used through rigorous third-party testing by accredited external laboratories. Our comprehensive tests, cover material safety, product durability, effectiveness, and user experience. We adhere to regulatory compliance, with each product conforming to health and safety regulations. We maintain transparency in this process, providing regular reports and documentation to partners, affirming the integrity and quality of our products.

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Product Types

As an experienced private label manufacturer, we develop and produce a range of self-care medical devices tailored to our partners' brands, offering innovative design, mass production, and quality assurance. While our comprehensive solutions enhance brand identity, market alignment, and consumer experience.


Product Packaging

Our packaging, supporting your brand identity and values, features high-quality materials, clear labeling, and secure, tamper-evident designs for product integrity and safety. We focus on user-friendly packaging to enhance customer experience, ensuring ease of opening, use, and storage. Customizable options allow partners to influence design for effective brand messaging. Compliant with relevant regulations, our packaging approach underlines our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, enriching our private label offerings.

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